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Acoustic source detection

With the patented sound camera, Sorama can visualise noise sources up to half a millimetre. These images combined with our expertise in mechanical engineering and dynamics enable us to find noise sources faster than anybody else. For our customers we have visualised noise sources in large buildings and minuscule vibrations on printed circuits boards. In addition to finding noise sources we can also visualise transfer paths and give advise on how to eliminate a noise source most effectively. 

Sound Imaging

Sound Imaging is a sound visualisation method that is based on enhanced Near-field Acoustic Holography (NAH), which is able to identify noise sources in an unprecedented manner. Unlike other acoustic camera techniques like beam-forming, Sound Imaging is not bounded in spatial resolution by the frequency of interest. In Sorama's lab-facilities spatial acoustic resolutions of 50 micrometer are possible. The basic difference between Sorama Sound Imaging and beamforming is shown in the movie below. For long range, propagating acoustic waves Sorama applies beamforming where Sound Imaging is unapplicable.