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Product launch: Sorama Stream Portal

Sorama Stream Portal

Sorama launches a new product at the Hannover Messe 2017: The Sorama Stream Portal. It enables engineers to tackle noise and vibration issues and perform sound design at their own level. Start with a dB-meter and work your way up through spectrum analysis and beam-forming until you master the potential of acoustic holography. This new web-based platform enables parallel live streaming sound level meters, spectrum analyzers, waterfalls, far- and near-field sound imaging for all Sorama CAMs. Also, it is now possible to use all streams and measurements while offline. 

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Report: Smart city living lab Strijp-S

Signs notify citizens about the sound detection in the living lab at Strijp-S Eindhoven (NL)

Sorama is introducing new functionalities and application areas for its sound cameras. In the living lab of Strijp-S the new Sorama Smart City Listener platform is active and running 24/7. The living lab covers an area with sidewalks, a street and a terrace in front of a restaurant. Three Sorama Listener64 MEMS microphone arrays are installed in light poles around this area and coupled via ethernet connections and a glass fiber backbone. The community watch of Strijp-S has a newly developed smartphone app that receives push-alerts for aggressive behaviour at a specific (GPS) location, in order to follow-up and check out the situation.

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Sorama at Hannover Messe 2016


Sorama is present with a booth on this year's Hannover Messe, the world's leading industrial fair. The exhibition is held from Monday the 25th until Friday the 29th of April in Hannover, Germany. Sorama is demonstrating its latest products that were released earlier this year: The Sorama CAM64 and the CAM1K. Sorama can be found in Hall 2 with Research & Technology in the Holland High Tech House, booth C12. Feel free to visit us and experience live demonstrations of two ground-breaking sound cameras.

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Product launch: Sorama CAM1K

Sorama CAM1K

In addition to the recently introduced Sorama CAM64 we are now introducing the CAM1K: See more sound & vibrations in less time. The CAM1K is the top-of-the-line product in the Sorama assortment of sound cameras for companies that want to reduce noise and vibrations of their products and improve sound design.

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WAVES promoted to mainstage GLOW


WAVES is a unique project by Sorama and TU/e OPENLIGHT, which premièred back in 2013 on GLOW NEXT and is now promoted to the mainstage of the GLOW Eindhoven event in the city centre. Light and sound are both forms of waves. Just as the radio and also our cell-phones communicate by means of waves. Waves are literally flying everywhere around us, yet we have never seen them. Until now! Because right here, at the very place where radio and television were once created, sound waves have been made visible. Whistle, clap, talk, sing or scream and see how you produce those waves. Enjoy the experience of how waves move through space and rebounce on the walls. Discover how different tones also produce different wave patterns.

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Atos, Sorama and the city of Eindhoven win Digital Impact Award with ‘CityPulse’

From left to right: Tineke Netelenbos, Albert Seubers (Atos), Lotte de Bruijn en Arie van Bellen (Photo: Tycho Müller of ‘Nederland ICT’)

September 2015 – The CityPulse project from Atos and Sorama has been rewarded with the Digital Impact Award during a live ceremony that took place in The Hague 3 September. In this project, Atos uses Big Data Intelligence to make the nightlife in the Dutch City of Eindhoven safer. By collecting real-time data from the busy nightlife area of Stratumseind, it is possible for emergency services and authorities to be kept informed about possible incidents and thus help to guarantee safety in the city. The Digital Impact Award was presented by ‘Nederland ICT’, the Dutch trade association for over 550 ICT companies in Netherlands, to a project or organization that - by means of an IT application - gives a clear impetus to the digital economy or has a visible positive impact on people and society.

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