Airborne Sound Insulation measurements

Walls are an important element for buildings. They create comfortable indoor spaces and intend to keep unwanted noise out. To accomplish this, walls should be installed correctly and according to acoustic standard and norms.

NEN 5077

NEN 5077 gives you an overview of several topics regarding sound insulation within the building acoustics environment. One of these topics describes the airborne sound insulation between adjacent rooms of for example partition walls. The airborne sound insulation between adjacent rooms needs to comply to regulations, so the sound reduction in between rooms is sufficient. In this whitepaper you find a more detailed overview of the norms, including NEN 5077, NEN-EN-ISO 16283-1, NEN-EN-ISO 717-1 and NEN-EN-ISO 3382-2.

Performing measurements

Right now the situation is complex. After constructing the wall and you need an external expert to do measurements. You receive a report which tells you if the wall meets the standards or doesn’t. How often do you need to come back to fix little leaks afterwards? Wouldn’t it be much easier to know immediately if there are any leaks after completing the interior wall and where they are? It is a costly, time consuming method.

This is the easy way

You or your colleague can do the measurements upfront to check if the interior walls fits the standards in a couple of steps:

  1. After installing the wall, you place an omni-directional speaker or another strong sound source, in the room and you move outside of the room.

  2. You turn on the speaker and start measuring with the Sorama CAM iV64.

  3. The CAM iV64 gives you instructions of the simple measurements you need to do.

  4. The CAM iV64 will show you if your wall fits the standards. There are two options:

    1. You pass. You know for sure that your wall fits the standards.

    2. You didn’t pass, the CAM iV64 will show you where the leaks are. You can fix the leaks on the site and redo the measurement.

Your benefits

Save time and money: you don’t need to come back after you finished the installation.

Certainty: you have certainty that you will pass the test.

No expertise needed: you don’t need to be an expert to use the CAM iV64.