Battling noise of loud vehicles with a ‘lawaaiflitspaal’

The city of Genk, Belgium, uses the Sorama L642 to battle the noise of loud vehicles.

Loud accelerating cars and motor bikes are a serious problem for many cities and citizens. In Stad Genk, the police receives serious complaints about this kind of unhealthy noise pollution, as it causes sleepless nights, an unsafe feeling and stress. To solve this, the city of Genk is running a pilot with smart city sensor technology including the Sorama L642.

L642s were installed, next to the city safety cameras. When the acoustic monitors registers a sound above a certain decibel level, a trigger is generated and signals the city safety camera to start recording the loud vehicle. In Dutch it is called a ‘lawaaiflitspaal’ roughly translated a noise ‘speed camera’.

The city government uses these insights to understand at which moments the noise pollution is highest. City of Genk’s Mayor is convinced this is the key to battle noise pollution, backed up by the interest of other Belgium cities.

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Battling noise of loud vehicles with a ‘lawaaiflitspaal’ -
“Lawaaiflitspaal / geluidsflitspaal”