Sorama Acoustic Cameras

Make your products more silent

The sound your product makes, becomes more important these days. Consumers pay more attention to the loudness of the products they buy, but also what it sounds like. We want to help you develop the so called sound design of your product as best as possible. Many other companies successfully improved the sound of their product with our technology.

Cooler Master is one of those companies. They developed a product to improve the experience of their users. Matteo Costa, Product Specialist and R&D at Cooler Master said: “Before … everything was based on reaching specific goals of performance levels. But once we started to look how our consumers experience their products, which is ultimately always close to their ears, we noticed how important the sound profile of our product is.” In the video you can learn more about the process of making a product more silent.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Consumers pay more attention to the sound design of a product when they consider to buy it. Is it loud? What kind of noise does it make? Does it annoy me? By developing a product that is more silent, you can stay ahead of your competitors. That’s what Duux did. The company wanted to create a fan which is as silent as possible. By improving the sound design, they managed to get best rated in the Sound-category in the fans-test by the Consumentenbond, a Dutch organization to advise consumers.

Visualize unwanted noise

By using the Sorama CAM64 or CAM1K you get more insights about the sound behavior of your product. The acoustic cameras are paired with the Sorama Portal where you can visualize unwanted noise and the sound behavior and get more insights. The CAM1K is the best acoustic camera if you develop bigger products, visualize transient sounds and low frequencies. The CAM64 is best suited for smaller products and also easy to step in, due to the lower cost of the product.

Order now

Both acoustic cameras are in stock and available to ship now. The promotion is until December 15, so now is the perfect time to spend the rest of your yearly budget. After January there will be longer lead times. There is a limited availability on the promotion, so order now to make sure you can start improving the sound design of your product.

Visualize unwanted noise

Why use an Acoustic Camera?

  • Visualised sound-insights help you solve acoustic sound problems
    • Fast & efficient
    • Effective
    • Create self-explaining visuals to share insights with your management and customer
  • Near- and Far-Field sound imaging
  • Easy-to-use online accessible analysis software
  • All the analysis tools are there:
    • Beamforming,
    • Spectral analysis,
    • Octave and 1/3 octave band visuals,
    • Harmonics detection,
    • Advanced Acoustic Holography and more!
  • Easily export results in common file format:
    • PNG, JPEG, MP4 & WEBM
  • Support helpdesk by e-mail, phone & TeamViewer or on-site