Sorama CAM iV64 - Documentation

The Sorama CAM iV64 enables you – directly out of the box – to show accurate sound levels (class-1 SLM performance) as well as detecting and visualizing where a specific sound is coming from. This handheld acoustic camera is designed for users who want to have all necessary acoustic information available in real-time, both in the lab and in the field. Just point and shoot and the results will be shown on the user-friendly 7-inch touch-screen. Designed to replace the decibel meter, the Sorama CAM iV64 is equipped with 64 MEMS-microphones in an optimized sunflower pattern. It will deliver valuable insights of noise localization and sound level measurements, including a spectrum and a spectrogram.


Here you can download the Sorama CAM iV64 manual.

Release notes

For every software update, we also share the release notes. You can download them here:

Instruction videos

Transferring files to the Sorama Portal directly from the Sorama CAM iV64
Transferring measurements to the Sorama Portal via USB stick