Improving sound-performance can sometimes be a must. In order to comply to acoustic standards it is needed to know the sound-performance of your product.

If you are dealing with such a trajectory, Sorama can assist in two ways. Firstly, our experience and sound-imaging technology give all the required insights to identify source of noise and vibration. So now you’ll know where to make design updates and improvements. Secondly, after the cycle of design-improvements has lead to a smoother sounding product, we have certified instruments and an anechoic room to perform standardized and certified high quality sound measures.


In Eindhoven, Sorama has a semi-anechoic chamber which can be used for various ISO/NEN and DIN measurements. A class1 microphone system enables the opportunity to do different types of certified measurements.

anechoic room 1


A class 1 microphone can be used in the field to do norm measurements on location to quantify noise issues and support parties in possible disputes.