Visualize sound leaks in buildings and constructions

Create green and healthy buildings

With the Sorama CAM iV64 you can develop sustainable buildings, healthy working environments and livable spaces in a fast and cost efficient way. The world’s first Type-1/Class-1 acoustic camera visualizes sound, enabling you to localize leaks within buildings and constructions, without the need to be a acoustic specialist or technician. The interface works the same as your mobile device with apps – instinctively and easy to use and therefore making it easy to deploy for all types of industries and workers.

Your benefits

  • Sound leaks and airtightness are instantly visible
  • Quick insights enable direct and instant repairs
  • Decrease labor costs by minimal 80%
  • Save weeks of lead time
Detecting Sound Leaks in Buildings
Use an acoustic camera or sound cam for detecting sound and energy leaks in windows and doors.

Negative impact of noise pollution

According to the World Health Organization 1.6 Million health life years are lost each year due to noise pollution in the EU. In the USA 56% of disruptive noise is caused by neighbors and traffic. Due to noisy work environments, performance by concentrated work is reduced by 7% or more. Also, about 5% of all used energy globally is lost due to leaks in buildings. These are part of the greatest challenges in our living environments.

Solving these challenges, you have to start with developing sustainable buildings without sound leaks. However, the current used techniques are inefficient and complex methodes, which make the process towards sustainable buildings expensive and much longer than needed. With the CAM iV64, you can tackle these obstacles and visualize and localize sound leaks yourself. This way, you can work towards a better sounding world with energy-saving buildings, healthy working environments and livable spaces.

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Easy to use and cost saving

The CAM iV64 is the easiest to operate and most accurate in the market, requiring only basic mobile device skills, eliminating high costs of hiring experts delivering complicated reports: regular employees in your company can do the job, enabling savings up to 90% on such projects compared to traditional processes, yielding a very high ROI for using the acoustic camera.
AirborneSoundInsulationMeasurementswiththeSoramaCAMiV64 1

Airborne Sound Insulation Measurements

NEN 5077 gives you an overview of several topics regarding sound insulation within the building acoustics environment. One of these topics describes the airborne sound insulation between adjacent rooms of for example partition walls. To perform these measurements, you need an expert. However, with the additional Construction App you can know upfront whether you will pass the test or not. The acoustic camera has the option to do the measurement yourself.