Detection of sound leakages

When it comes to room-separation, walls, doors and windows have an important acoustic function. Unwanted incoming sounds from the environment can be distractive. Confidential discussions in your meeting room should not be audible in neighboring rooms. Depending on the frequency, noises may need only a small gap to pass a wall or sealing-barrier of a door or window.

When inspecting a wall or barrier for acoustic properties and leaks, the use of a sound-camera will bring clarity in a fast and easy way. The Sorama acoustic camera provides the following insights instantaneously:

1) Sound level
2) Spectrum of frequencies
3) Sound behavior over time
4) Source of any* selected frequency

In relation to separation walls, an acoustic camera will help you:

  • find leaks fast
  • validate new designs and prototypes
  • prove the source of any* unwanted frequency  

* Note to the frequency-range:

Proper visualization of sound has a start-frequency which is related to the size of the microphone-array. The flexible CAM64 has a frequency-range from 1-23 kHz

Detection of sound leakages -
Detection of sound leakages -
Detection of sound leakages -
Detection of sound leakages -