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Welcome tot the Sorama  Developer Space. The Sorama L642 is the evolution in acoustic monitoring solutions. It combines the powerful use of acoustic imaging, Class 1 performing detection of sound levels,  accurate localization and interpretation. Advanced sound interpretation is generally split up in specific (deep-learned) classification as well as anomaly detection. The Sorama L642 supports AI edge computing as well as server-based solutions, all powered and connected with one single network cable.

The Sorama L642 can be used in a variety of application fields: safety & security, mobility and environmental monitoring. The acoustic monitors can be easily connected to cover larger areas with secure and GDPR proof data handling.

Sorama Developer Space - Sorama Developer Space -
Features include (not limited to):
  • All in one acoustic monitoring

  • Class 1 performing Environmental noise monitoring

  • Acoustic anomaly detection

  • Vehicle classification and tracking

  • City Safety classifiers

  • Visual light camera integrated (L642V)

  • Sound intensity mapping

Example code

Download the example code files here:

CSharp example code

Python Example Code

Edge computing

Powerful edge computing inside the Sorama L642 enables many additional acoustic processing capabilities, including acoustic AI classification, SoundSurfaceTM mapping, anomaly detection, storage and event detection. The on-board computing platform and security adds a strong layer of privacy friendly functionality, in alignment with the GDPR.


The Sorama L642s are standard PoE devices that may be connected to a network through RJ45 connectors. The API is an Open HTTP Rest with JSON format data messages. A Sorama L642+ or L642v+ may be operated as a server unit in a larger local network of other Sorama L642 satellite units. More traditional setups with external servers are supported as well.

Sorama Developer Space - Sorama Developer Space -
Sorama L642 network configuration options.
General Documentation

You can download the following documents for the usage of your L642:

  1. User Manual V2.9.0
  2. Quick Installation Guide
  3. Release notes
  4. API Documentation
API Protocol Documentation

Sorama provides an Open API protocol in order to integrate the L642s into a larger solution. The API protocol documentation is split in two levels:

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