Duux fan rated best in sound-category tests

Congratulations to our customer Duux BV! Their fan Whisper got rated best in the Sound-category in the fans-test by the Consumentenbond, a Dutch organization to advise consumers.

The Consumentenbond does lots of tests with products to find out which one is the best to buy. One of the key points of the test, is sound & noise. They explain that their experts rate the sound design of the product, tested in a room suited for acoustic measurements.

image001 (1).jpg

At one of their latest tests, they compare fans. The Duux Whisper was rated best in the Sound-category. It isn’t a coincidence, as they are our customer. Focusing on the sound design of your product, won’t just create a better product for consumers. It will also create a Unique Selling Point, just like Duux did. Your marketeers will love that and use it to increase sales.

At Sorama, we are definitely fans of quieter products 😉

Read more about the test here: www.consumentenbond.nl/test/woning-huishouden/ventilatoren