Dyka and Sorama on the VSK 2012

Dyka, a leading manufacturer of plastic pipes, uses Sorama Sound Images in their communication on the VSK 2012.

The VSK is the most important exhibition for heating, climate control and sanitary systems in the Benelux area. Dyka illustrates the large noise reduction by showing two scaled Sorama videos of the new DykaSono and normal piping system, see

Noise pollution is the most important disruptive factor in living and working environments. In inside sewerage systems, this noise pollution is created by the flow of liquids that cause air noise in the discharge pipes and contact noise via the suspension system in the shaft walls.

The task was clear: develop an inside PVC sewerage system with superior noise dampening properties. Two years of intensive research, numerous trial models and dozens of tests later, the result is fantastic: DykaSono. Trustworthy and user-friendly PVC, a perfectly connectible universal coupling system and demonstrably silent. Using innovative patented, extremely reliable technology, Sorama transforms sound and vibrations into pictures. This helped Dyka achieve major noise reductions at an early development stage.