Fan engagement with PSV

It’s the 86th minute of the match between PSV and PEC Zwolle. The score is 1 – 1. PSV-star Gakpo gets the ball and he is about to score the winning goal. The entire stadium explodes when the ball hits the net. The crowd is going crazy and cheering loudly. At that moment, the sound level meter of in the stadium peaks at 102.07dB. This was the highest amount of decibels measured during the match.

Sorama collaborates with PSV to create more fan engagement. We want to give fans within the stadium, insight to how loud they are. Also, we want to show what the impact of the fans is on the game intensity of the players.

We have installed Sorama L642s throughout the Philips stadium. During the PSV matches, the devices conduct measurements. The gathered data is converted into a dB graphic and a SoundSurface covering the map of the stadium. PSV posted the results on Instagram. You can see it in the video or watch it here on their Instagram.

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Fan engagement with PSV -