FD frontpage article featuring Sorama

The FD (Financieel Dagblad), the national financial newspaper of The Netherlands, featured a full, frontpage article on Sorama today. The headline reads: ‘Sound Camera’ helps making vacuum cleaners and computers more silent.

The article discusses the significant progress that Sorama made over the last year and the launch of the Sorama Cam and the start of the Cam pilot in March 2013. You can access the online article (in Dutch) here. Also, on Twitter there are some nice tweets listed at Sorama’s feed: @Sorama_eu.

The article originated from the STW interview that was posted earlier this month on the STW website. STW is the Dutch Technology Foundation that funded the academic research at the Eindhoven Technical University from which Sorama is a spin-off and provided two early stage Valorisation Grants.