Finding sound leaks in walls

Walls are an important element for buildings. They create comfortable indoor spaces and intend to keep unwanted noise out. To accomplish this, walls should be installed correctly and according to acoustic standard and norms. If not, it might result in sound leaks between the walls, via which noise travels from one room to another. With the Sorama CAM iV64, you can localize these sound leaks, so you can fix the wall.

Right now, how do you test your wall for sound leaks? How do you localize any leaks? Often you have to wait until an expert comes by and does sound measurements. Wouldn’t it be easier to know immediately if there are any leaks right after completing the wall?

Using the right tools to find sound leaks

After constructing the wall, you or your colleague can do a measurement with the CAM iV64. The acoustic camera enables you to find and visualize any present sound leaks on the spot. That way you can confirm straight away whether your wall is installed correctly and if not, you can immediately fix the sound leaks.
It just takes 3 steps:

  1. After installing the wall, you place an omni-directional speaker or another strong sound source, in the room and you move outside of the room.
  2. You turn on the speaker and start measuring with the CAM iV64.
  3. The CAM iV64 will show you where the sound leaks are.

Additionally, you are able to record a movie and take pictures of the sound leaks. You can use this visualization in a report and share it with your customer as prove, if desired.

Your benefits

Save time and money: you don’t need to come back after you finished the installation.

Proof: visualize that there are no sound leaks.

No expertise needed: you don’t need to be an expert to use the CAM iV64.

Airborne Sound Insulation Measurements

NEN 5077 gives you an overview of several topics regarding sound insulation within the building acoustics environment. One of these topics describes the airborne sound insulation between adjacent rooms of for example partition walls. To perform these measurements, you need an expert. However, with the CAM iV64 you can know upfront whether you will pass the test or not. The acoustic camera has the option to do the measurement yourself.