GIANT Ebikes

GIANT has asked Sorama to support their R&D team with respect to improving the sound design of silent ebikes. The market growth is amazing and a growing number of people are using ebikes for travelling to work. In addition, ebikes are increasingly being used for making biking trips in rural areas or in the countryside. In every circumstance it is very important that bikers do not get distracted or annoyed by a noisy ebike.

Sorama performed measurements at GIANT E-bikes in Lelystad, the Netherlands and provided a detailed analysis of the data measurement with both the Sorama CAM1K and the CAM64. Consequently, during an image and video presentation a number of clear cut recommendations were offered on how to improve the dynamic behavior of GIANT ebikes regarding vibrations and sound. In the video above you can see how noise of a certain frequency peak was reduced significantly. By gaining more insight into the sound behavior at different frequencies and rotation speeds of the motor, GIANT and Sorama were able to reduce multiple frequency peaks.

After the recommendations were implemented, the sound behavior of GIANT E-bikes was drastically improved. “This has already increased our customers’ satisfaction.”