GLOW tour with Sorama

From the 6th until the 13th of November Eindhoven will be beautifully lit by the GLOW light art festival. Sorama will be part of that. We want you to join us in crossing the spectrum from sound to light with “Spectral Crossing”. Your eyes will be the witness of the sounds that burden or please your ears and mind.

At the cross walk in front of our office, we have a pole-fixated L642 installed. The device transfers the acoustic and location-dependent information to a projector and onto the crosswalk for you to witness. That way your presence will become part of the GLOW’s light art right in front of you.

GLOW tour with Sorama -

You are invited

We would like to invite you for the GLOW tour together with Sorama. We have a program where we kick off with a session in our new office space with bites included. After that you can experience the Spectral Crossing and we will walk the GLOW tour with you. We organize two tours with both a different topic.

  1. On Monday (8/11) we will focus on Environmental Monitoring, Safety & Security, and Mobility.
  2. On Thursday (11/11) we will focus on Product Sound Design and the Acoustic Design Cycle.

Start session with bites: 16:30

Start GLOW tour: 18:15

Please sign up before the 5th of November, so we can make sure we have enough bites. Both the session and the tour start at our office at Achtseweg Zuid 153H, Eindhoven.

Collaboration with Sahara Benelux

The Spectral Crossing is organized in collaboration with our neighbors Sahara Benelux. The L642 is connected to their Christie D16WU-HS Laser projector. This 16.000 Ansilumen projector produces the video at the crosswalk.