Lowest possible noise levels are important in health-care to prevent high stress levels. Sorama offers a helping hand in healthcare, e.g. in hospital ventilation, patient monitoring, heating and respiratory systems.

The continuous sound-improvement on already silent products requires knowledge of acoustics. Our noise control service is highly capable of measuring and analyzing health-care products. The visible acoustic insights offer the right directions improve and solve current sound problems in hospitals,clinics and devices.

Customer stories



Macawi has developed a respiratory system which has a small electromotor inside. The assignment to Sorama was clear: find potential root-causes of noise and vibrations and provide insights towards sound-improvement design-changes. We measured the device under several load-circumstances and found that the sound-radiation from the top plate and tube. Also the electromotor showed airborne vibrations. We recommended to optimize the enclosure and to cover the motor back-plate. In a next iteration we found structural noise from the hood, which we suggested could be dampened by adding mass to it.

The end-result is a very satisfying 6 dB reduction at more than 2 times the requested power.

Sorama Products used: CAM64 with Scan A

The R&D manager at Macawi/Demcon tells about his experience with Sorama and the importance of silent environments in their field of work:


Dolphys Medical

Dolphys Medical develops an innovative breathing aid for use in ambulances. After prototyping, it appeared that 20% of the devices produce an unwanted sharp tone. Sorama performed measurements to analyze the behavior and to understand the mechanism behind this sharp tone. After the first series of sound imaging measurements, with a resolution of 4 mm, an obstruction in the air channel was located.

Small clots of glue in the high speed air channel caused the whistle-sound. After changing the production method, ensuring a free flow-channel, the 20% fall out on this aspect was successfully reduced to 0%.

Sorama Products used: CAM64 with Scan A



We were asked to analyze unwanted sounds in HandiMove’s lifting system. Several aero-acoustic leaks were found and we suggested how these could be prevented by closing the holes and seams.
The hood should be dampened to prevent strong structural vibrations. These adjustments resulted in a reduction of 4.2 dB(A).