Fan Engagement in Smart Stadiums

Looking for a way to engage more with the fans in your stadium while keeping them safe at the same time?

Sorama provides smart stadium solutions to enable you to improve your fan engagement, crowd safety & security and environmental impact at the same time.

Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitors in your stadium enable you to interact with your fans while they are cheering for your team. For example, you can show how loud a section is and have the fans compete with each other. Or you can connect your smart lighting to the acoustic monitors and put the loudest fans into the spotlights, literally. By using this innovative technology, you can entertain your crowd during their whole visit: before and during the match, at half time, and afterwards. This will create a strong bond between your fans and your club.

Besides the fan engagement, you can improve the safety & security in your stadium. The smart solution can classify abnormal or alarming sounds from the stands, with a potential sound localization accuracy at seat level. Think of the detection of aggression and fireworks. This makes the visitors feel more safe during their visit, and gives you the opportunity to detect unwanted behavior in an early stage and react quickly to it.

SmartStadium FanEngagement

Environmental monitoring outside the stadium

The Sorama solution is expandable outside the stadium and into the city for mobility, environmental monitoring, safety & security and crowd management. It may be utilized for standardized (class-1-quality) noise measurements, acoustic mapping, and the detection of anomaly sounds, fireworks, vehicles, breaking glass, aggression and alarms, among others. Additionally, you can measure decibel levels outside of the stadium to prevent noise pollution for the surrounding areas.

Fan Engagement in the PSV Philips Stadium

A deployment of thirty Sorama L642 acoustic cameras is operational at the Philips Stadium of professional football club PSV in the Netherlands. During the matches, the gathered sound data is visualized in real time as a SoundSurface map that represents the loudness of the fans. At the same time, the edge AI enables accurate detection and localization of anomalous sounds from the stands, which is being utilized for security management. In the video you can see a SoundSurface map of the match. When PSV scores, you can see the whole stadium turn red, which shows the cheering fans. When the opposing team scored, you can see the visitors section turn red.

PSV uses this to engage with the fans and encourage them to make more noise, and thus create a better ambiance. An example is PSV’s Instagram post. They shared the sound insights of the match between PSV and PEC Zwolle. These insights stimulate fans to be more loud. In the comments people react by tagging friends to show them how loud their section was and encourage each other to be even louder next match.

InstagramPostPSV Seeusroar 1