Smart City

Safety first, day and night!

Anyone can hear what is going on in the public domain. We make a difference with Sorama L642 . Our solution enables anonymously observing environmental sound with continuous alertness.

Embedded smart algorithms in our Smart City solutions will immediately detect predefined events and send a trigger signal. Examples of relevant triggers can be: a loud vehicle, aggressive people, breaking glass or any other sound disturbance. Artificial Intelligence is used to make the systems smarter and more accurate over time.



Eindhoven Stratumseind

Stratumseind, probably the most busy street of Eindhoven and well-known in the region for the pubs and nightlife. In an average weekend between 15.000 and 20.000 people will visit the 50 cafes and clubs.

To provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the public, Eindhoven city wants to keep a close watch on the crowd, preferably in an invisible way.

For these two reasons, Stratumseind has been chosen as an area of interest for a field-test of the Sorama Smart City Listener.


Municipality Katwijk
An interesting consultancy-project was performed on request of the municipality Katwijk.

Complaints about an undefined noise kept the community awake and we were asked to bring clarity. With the Sorama Sound CAM, our consultants discovered and identified the sound source within minutes.

With the provided insights, Katwijk could immediately start resolving the issue. The help of the self-explaining visualizations was of great value to prevent discussions and keep focus on the root-cause.

Sorama products used: Sorama CAM1K & Sorama Portal


Eindhoven Strijp-S

Eindhoven is known worldwide as the origin of Philips. Long after Philips built their facilities on Strijp-S, these original buildings still form the heart of the Brainport tech region. Strijp-S is now a fresh and sparkling city district. The area has a high density of people and events, typical challenges for the city of Eindhoven to consider technology as a solution to improve the life of visitors and inhabitants.

Watch the video to see how Sorama contributes on Strijp-S.