Introduction of Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitors

Reducing noise pollution around the world with Sorama’s new revolutionary Acoustic monitors

L642 blue angled front view ISO GLOW.png

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, January 2021 – Noise pollution is the second most environmental threat of modern day, following air pollution which ranks the top. According to the World Health Organization, over 1.6 million healthy life years are being lost due to noise pollution. Sorama introduces a revolutionary, innovative and unique solution that battles noise pollution and contributes to a better-sounding world: Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitors.

Noise pollution nowadays is an important subject on the agenda of cities and local governments. Because of legislation, cities and local governments are obligated to reduce noise pollution. Current sound-monitoring solutions, like fixed sound level meters, are not suitable to find the real cause of noise pollution.

With the new Sorama L642 acoustic monitors, cities now have a unique solution to identify and bring useful insights to where, when and how noise is created, bringing noise pollution further down to create a more livable, safe and smart city.

Innovative and future-proof solution

The Sorama L642 is a future-proof scalable solution, allowing easy integration of new features and capabilities. With the on-board software and AI the platform can identify and  trigger anomalies and classify specific sounds.

To make the data insightful and understandable for city and government professionals, live sound events can be projected over a user friendly city map using the Sorama SoundSurfaceTM. The L642 platform comes with the ability to tailor to specific end user needs by simply subscribing to specific applications.

The Sorama L642 API provides System Integrators the tools to integrate the full potential of the L642 acoustic monitors into 3rd party and customer specific applications creating the possibility for the audio data to act as a trigger for other sensors such as Security cameras.


Based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Sorama makes sound insightful with acoustic monitors in order to reduce noise pollution in our environment and improve sound design of products. Sorama customers are research and product development engineers, noise consultants and governments. Sorama enables improved quality of life for people, visit