Acoustic inspections can be a valuable contribution for safety & security operations in unmanned industrial areas that require ATEX or IECEx certification. By measuring sound levels and displaying the sound source in a heat map-like visualization, you gain actionable data to solve issue immediatly.

This easy-to-interpret data enables users to pin point the sound source to the exact location and reduce unwanted emission of dust, air or gasses ino the environment.

Our new ATEX-products are coming soon and we are happy to keep you up-to-date.

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At Sorama we have developed a productline suitable for acoustic monitoring and inspection in harsh environments, where ATEX or IECEX certification is needed. If you wish to be kept up-to-date on developments, please register below and you will be among the first to know the latest news on Sorama EX products.

Our EX acoustic monitor can monitor hazardous areas for gas leaks, compressed air leakage and fugitive emission through pipes, tanks and valves as well as detecting mechanical anomaly. Makin this an deal soution for remote upstream locations.

The Sorama EX sound camera is a handheld device and ideal for in-field sound measurements and validation of anomalies picked up by the acoustic monitor. This solution is suitable for (minimally) manned areas like zone 2 and zone 1.

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