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The energy & utilities industry is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, natural gas and water. Every citizen relies on these three basic needs, so any disruption has a huge effect.

Sound inspection and monitoring of crucial processes helps keep employees safe and operations running.

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Energy & utilities solutions to combat partial discharge, leaks, and mechanical failures.

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A significant concern within the Energy & Utilities industry revolves around Partial discharge occurring inside or on the surface of insulation material in substation equipment. The process of partial discharge develops gradually, ultimately leading to insulation failure, carbonization, and potentially resulting in a flashover or explosion.

The consequences can be catastrophic. Partial discharge forms a serious danger for employees working at the facilities and can cause extensive damage to the electrical infrastructure.

The resulting power outage disrupts vital functions, and power providers can incur extremely high losses. Once partial discharge activity begins, it tends to escalate further due to a combination of humidity and the presence of dust or particles.

Early detection is key, and continuous acoustic monitoring allows you to not only detect a leak before planned inspection, but also visualize and locate the leak. Making repair operations by service teams safer and more efficient.

Visualize leaks you can’t see

Partial discharge is not something you can see with your own eyes, which can make monitoring quite a challenge. Getting insights is crucial for energy & utilities companies. Our explosion-proof (EX) sound sensors will help monitor and detect anomalies. A sound camera can be used to exactly pinpoint where the partial discharge is taking place.

The sound camera will help technical service teams visualize where the sound is coming from, making it a safe, effective and cost-efficient way for teams to detect and resolve partial discharge before it becomes a threat.

Our solutions for the Energy & Utilities market

Gas leak detection

Gas leak detection

Mechanical anomaly detection

Mechanical anomaly detection

Partial discharge detection

Partial discharge detection

Hydrogen leak detection

ATEX Hydrogen leak detection

Detecting hydrogen leaks in hazardous areas (ATEX zone 1 and zone 2) brings many risks for service teams. Applying acoustic monitoring allows you to detect hydrogen leaks remotely, and prevent unplanned dispatches of your service team.

Fine gasses like hydrogen, helium and nitrogen are more difficult to detect than compressed air, and come with the added risk of huge explosions. Making Explosion-proof leak detection a necessity for energy & utilities to keep people in safe zones when possible.

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