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Food & beverage production sites that handle inflamable or explosive materials, commonly have hazardous areas (Zone 1 and Zone 2*) and need explosion-proof (EX) devices to keep operations running.

Whether it’s detecting compressed-air leaks, mechanical anomaly monitoring or gas leak detection, acoustic inspection and monitoring can limit loss and help keep operations as efficient as possible.

*ATEX certification pending

ATEX solutions for Food & beverage production

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When you think of explosion-proof (EX) equipment, the food & beverage industry might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, industrial facilities handling food and beverage production commonly have areas where there is a high risk of fire and explosions. Using acoustic imaging during inspections, whether they are routine or not, is a great addition to your security procedures.

Due to the complex processes and presence of flammable materials in the food & beverage industry, frequent inspection and constant observation are necessary. Particularly in areas with understaffed technical service teams and high-risk environments, the demand for fixed sensors for critical processes is increasing.

Operation continuity

Implementing a data-driven approach helps maintain manageability in your food and beverage facility. To measure is to know. At Sorama, we recognize the importance of timely identification of deviations to enable prompt interventions. This saves you valuable time and money.

The costs associated with unplanned downtime are much higher than those of planned maintenance actions that can be anticipated. Therefore, we ensure that our solutions assist your technical service team in transitioning from a corrective approach to a predictive and preventative approach.

Partial discharge detection

ATEX for the food & beverage industry

Due to the high risk of fire and explosion in the food & beverage production industry, not any inspection device is suitable. Especially in areas classed as “ATEX Zone 1” and “ATEX Zone 2”, you need certified explosion-proof equipment.

As hazardous zones restrict the use of non-EX devices, it can be challenging to frequently monitor production, health & safety and the environment. Using acoustic inspection in ATEX zones allows you to remotely monitor your core processes, without having to dispatch people in hazardous areas unneccessarily. 

Technical services are challenged with highly dangerous operations and need to minimize risk in order to keep health & safety at the highest level. Dispatching a person into a hazardous areas can be risky and is not always the safest choice.

The EX sound sensors and sound cameras can be used to monitor specific areas in ATEX zones, and trigger an alarm when an anomaly is detected, making human dispatches less neccessary.

An acoustic monitor is able to continuously monitor a specific area for for instance compressed air leaks. A quick in-field acoustic inspection will visualize the sound source, making is easy to repair the leak and limit a loss of resources.

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Gas leak detection - industrial acoustic inspection.

Gas leak detection

Mechanical anomaly detection

Mechanical issue detection

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