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Acoustic building design should not be limited to preventing echoes or resonance. Building acoustics should be about optimizing the acoustic comfort, so that your room, office pod or building design can fulfill its primary function while getting the best out of its designed properties.

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Livable Buildings - building -
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Green and healthy buildings are created by controlling acoustics in buildings. But how can you control the performance of your acoustic design?

Undetected weak spots in for instance doors, windows, façades but also office pods leak unnecessary sound, air and energy, decreasing on quality assurance.

Our CAM iV64 Acoustic Camera detects, analyzes and visualizes those leaks in real time. These insights give you direct feedback for optimizing your design or for quality assurance.

Livable Buildings - building -

Sound proofing office pods

Air and sound leak detection

Leak detection

Livable Buildings - building -

Quality assurance

Customer story Whisperroom - Acoustic excellence for office booths

Customer reference

WhisperRoom develops and manufacturers sound isolation enclosures. This US based company has been using the Sorama CAM iV64 to save valuable resources on R&D and improve product quality.

Finding and eliminating sound leaks

Sound leakage through doors and windows can be a major problem because it can disrupt the peace and quiet of your home, leading to distractions and discomfort. Therefore, fixing sound leaks through doors and windows is important for maintaining a peaceful, comfortable, and healthy living and working environment.

Livable Buildings - building -

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