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The oil & gas industry is the main supplier for the world’s energy market. Both oil and gas are highly inflammable, and the risk of an explosion is great. To monitor hazardous areas (Zone 1 and Zone 2*) there is a need for explosion-proof (EX) devices to safely keep operations running.

Acoustic inspection and monitoring to detect compressed air leaks, mechanical anomaly or gas leaks helps keep people safe and limit loss.

*ATEX certification pending

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A data-driven approach in the Oil & Gas industry can help technical service teams respond to any deviation or anomaly.

If anything goes wrong at an oil & gas site, it could mean a disaster for both the environment and public safety. In the vast facilities, it is hard for the technical service team to keep an eye on everything all at once. And then there’s danger that you can’t see.

A data-driven approach is not only efficient and safer for the technical support teams, but it also helps save valuable time and money. Monitoring facilities in the oil & gas industry from a safe distance allows the technical support team to respond to anomalies as soon as they are detected.

A preventative ATEX solution

Unplanned downtime or even worse, a disaster, can mean extreme high costs and unwanted delays. There’s so much at stake that the best approach is a predictive and preventative approach, using sound sensors and sound cameras to detect and visualize possible issues.

EX equipment is designed to withstand the dangers of hazardous areas. They are tested extensively to make sure they do not only continue to work during a fire or explosion, but also do not cause a fire or explosion.

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Gas leak detection - industrial acoustic inspection.

Gas leak detection

Mechanical anomaly detection

Mechanical detection

Partial discharge detection

Partial discharge

Explosion proof leak detection for oil & gas

When it comes to the oil & gas industry one spark can be the cause of disaster. This is why equipment used in hazardous areas needs to be explosion proof. This is particularly crucial in areas classified as “ATEX Zone 1” and “ATEX Zone 2,” where the use of explosion-proof equipment is of utmost importance.

The ATEX legislation establishes specific regulations mandating that equipment and protective systems designed for potentially explosive atmospheres must meet certain criteria. To comply with these standards, Sorama has developed EX-sound sensors and sound cameras for deployment in “ATEX Zone 1” and “ATEX Zone 2” environments.

In certain instances, technical service teams may lack the necessary time or find the environment too hazardous to remain in for extended periods. This is where the EX sound sensors and sound cameras play a vital role, acting as substitutes for the eyes and ears of the technical service team.

By closely monitoring oil & gas facilities from a secure location, such as a control room, potential risks can be effectively detected and addressed. EX-sound sensors and sound cameras are able to detect even the slightest changes. Beyond identifying sparks or fire, they can promptly issue warnings in the event of a loss of pressurized air or the detection of a gas leak.

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