Product Development

For a holistic approach towards user-centered design, it is vital to include acoustics in your design processes. Knowing how your product emits noise, and using that to effectively implement noise control measures, can greatly improve the overall user experience.

Product Development

Pleasant-sounding products are created by controlling the acoustics in product development. But how can you control the acoustic performance of your design?

Mechanical or electronic moving components can cause vibrations, which can turn into structural or airborne noise.

Our CAM1K and CAM64 can visualize these vibrations in high detail in order to identify the sound source and path. In turn this can be used to either remove, change or block the sound path in next iterations of your prototyes.

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Noise Control

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Sound Quality

Customer reference​

Products are designed to answer a specific need from the customers. But a good product goes beyond just usability and answering that need. Cooler Master uses sound cameras to improve the overall user experience of their products. This approach allows Cooler Master to not only deliver better products, but also more silent products.

Cooler Master fans
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Acoustic Design Cycle

We have developed the Acoustic Design Cycle to improve sound behaviour in products. With the Design Cycle, you steer your development process from start to product launch to prevent and solve sound issues in product development. With our 10+ years of experience in acoustic design, we want to help companies develop quieter products and reduce environmental noise.

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