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Due to global urbanization, noise pollution is a growing health risk. Many cities struggle to keep noise pollution under control.

A Smart City reduces noise pollution by detecting, analyzing and localizing sound sources. Our smart city solutions enable cities to reduce and prevent noise pollution effectively, creating a better quality of life for people living
in urban areas.

Sorama smart city solutions

A smart city is a healthy city where, among other technology, sensors are used to monitor environmental influences on people's physical and mental health.

After air pollution, noise pollution is the second biggest health risk for people living in cities, causing heart disease and even death as a result to stress. Therefor a smart city should strive to be a healthy city for its citizens to manage growing urban populations.

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Environmental noise monitoring

At Sorama we strive to make the world a quieter place. By developing acoustic technology, we enable cities to effectively solve acoustic issues. With the L642 acoustic monitor, you can continuously monitor sound levels in a specific area, like a busy bar street or around a sports stadium. By knowing when and where sound anomalies are caused, you can assign resources to prevent and optimize the city scene.

With the CAM iV64 Acoustic Camera, you have a hand-held sound camera visualizing direct feedback from sound sources. This camera will show accurate sound levels (Class 1SLM performance) and detects and visualizes in real time where the sound source is on its 7-inch touchscreen.

Incoming noise complaint from citizens about noisy HVAC-units will be solved swiftly. Simply identify the source by directing the sound camera on the HVAC-units and the technology will visualize the sound source. The responsible owner can be notified and asked to fix the issue.

Our solutions for a Smart City

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Loud vehicle detection

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Nightlife monitoring

HVAC-units noise detection

HVAC-unit noise

Environmental noise mapping

The European Union has issued Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC to relief people from noise pollution. The regulation requires cities to publish noise maps and noise management action plans, every 5 years.

However, these traditionally required models only offer limited insights. Without taking changing condition into account such as day and night, busy or rural hours or environmental changes they are not a good representation of real-life living condition. 

Furthermore, a noise map indicates decibels but not the frequency of sound. Human beings can hear between 50-20.000 Hz but still perceive sounds higher or lower and experience physical discomfort.

We strongly believe that cities want the best for their citizens. However, the lack of insights make it nearly impossible to effectively reduce noise pollution. This is where acoustic monitoring comes in. 

By gathering data 24/7 and not limit acoustic measurements to decibels, you obtain relevant insights and create a better scope of the noise pollution issue within your city. This enables you to create a pro-active and targeted noise management plan to actually reduce noise pollution.

“You can gather data 24/7 and localize where the sound comes from with great precision”

Customer reference

As a municipality, you can spend a full day finding the source of noise nuisance. The city of Eindhoven (Gemeente Eindhoven) uses a different approach and uses the Sorama CAM iV64 to shorten the time needed to find the source of noise. Together with the local hospitality industry, they also have a preventative approach to tackle noise nuisance.

How to reduce noise pollution?

Cities and governments can use our acoustic monitors, so you can make insightful where noise pollution comes from, whether it's from a bar street, construction site or nearby harbor or airport. Additionally, you can get valuable insights about your city and use these to improve the safety, traffic monitoring and mobility.

Gemeente Eindhoven
Smart City - smart city -

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