Meet Yanni – intern at Sorama

Yanni is currently studying Creative business at Breda University of Applied Sciences. He has been doing his internship at Sorama since September. In this blog below you will dive deeper into what it’s like interning at Sorama and why ,along side the different fields and projects that can be worked and researched on to your hearts content. You will not only gain an insight into the projects themselves , but also into how problems can occur and be solved.

What have you been doing?

“I am currently a Content Creator Intern within Sorama, in the marketing and sales team. So far I have helped create videos from new and past (existing) footage that will be shown to clients or for in house promotions. I have also assisted on a couple use cases taking pictures. I have also taken pictures of and around the office to showcase the new and improved office spaces. On top of this, I am also proof-reading and making sure that blog posts and social media posts are well written and grammatically correct.”

Below, you can see two images from a use case that Yanni went to assist on.

What are your most memorable moments?

“The first thing that comes to mind is working on my first ‘big’ video project, The Schonbach video. This is memorable to me because it allowed to me to express my editing skills and use them in a way that would make the team happy and give the video a professional outlook. Along side this, I really enjoyed the creative freedom I had when designing the promotional banners to attract potential interns and job seekers to Sorama.

The second thing that comes to mind was making a moving animation out of a still sound wave image. This was something that I deeply remember as it took a very long time to individually remove the background colors in Photoshop prior to animating it in after effects. However, I was very proud of the result and It is already being used in a concept video for the portal that I am also editing and putting together.”

Why Sorama?

“Initially when seeking out internships, I had a very difficult time as I was rejected from multiple companies due to the lack of my ability to speak fluent Dutch. This wasn’t the best feeling and demotivated me for a while. This was until I came across Sorama, who contacted me almost immediately after applying to create a video for them prior to calling me in for an interview. They had no problem that I wasn’t fluent in Dutch and that made me feel really welcome and part of the team already. The Sales and marketing team were very nice and happy throughout the interview and before I knew it I was starting the week after!”

What challenges have you faced?

“Some of the challenges that I have come across have been more personal than company related. I also had a hard time adjusting to the ‘internship life’ as it was my first real internship and consequently, this had an affect on my motivation and how my supervisor, and the rest of the team saw me.”

“Company related challenges however, were more along the lines of figuring out how to re-use and get used to the applications, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, that I had learned previously as that was time consuming and of course, I couldn’t perform to the best of my ability and was always seeking guidance on how to do certain things within them.”

What did you do to overcome them?

“To overcome the personal challenges, I sat with my supervisor and had a short talk about how to go about battling them. We came up with some ideas, most important was me creating a list in which I state how exactly I am going to fix these problems. The list helped me to take direct actions on getting used to the internship and change the image of me as a co-worker.”

“To overcome the challenges within the company itself, I watched a few tutorial videos and guides on how to do certain things within premiere pro, after effects and Photoshop more efficiently and more effectively. This allowed me to do tasks faster and with less time spent asking my supervisor for example, is this correct or is this the right way to do this? etc.”

What advice would you give to future interns?

“Try to understand what certain products are and what they do, like the terminology of them. This helped me as It meant that i was more involved in the conversations and could have a bit more input as I knew what was being said about what. I would also say, to not be afraid to ask for help with things that you don’t know or don’t understand. Sorama does have a lot of technical input and can be a little difficult to understand at first, but everyone is friendly and treats you like a family, so if you don’t know something, someone, somewhere will.”

A little bit about Yanni

Sorama in a nutshell

“So far at Sorama, I have learnt that there are different ways to measure sound in a way I never thought of before, including using specialized equipment, ‘heat maps’ and more.”

“Sorama is a very friendly and professional company that does its best for its clients that usually end up in the long term being partners and returning customers. ”