Merford Noise Control and Sorama sign Cam pilot agreement

Merford Noise Control and Sorama have signed an agreement to enter into a pilot for perfecting the 1024 channel Sorama Cam. 

Merford Noise Control will use our Cam to be in a better position to help their customers with effective and targeted noise reduction solutions while Sorama gains valuable insight from an active user to perfect the product before commercial release towards the end of 2013.

The relation between Merford Noise Control and Sorama goes back to 2010 when within the PIEK project for the reduction of noise levels of distribution cooling trucks for off-peak distribution. The cooperation has led to a noise level reduction of 8dB(A) and PIEK certification.

The vision of both Merford Noise Control and Sorama have a lot in common; Merford Noise Control makes people aware of the risks within their environment, addresses these and educate them whereas Sorama makes the world a quieter place by making world-class sound imaging  technology accessible for a wide audience.

soramacam fan 002
Sorama Cam with 1024 MEMS microphones visualising the blades of a ventilator