Bosch silent success with Sorama Sound Imaging

Bosch Transmission Technology Tilburg (NL) reports a noise reduction success story that is published in this month’s German Automotive magazine ATZ. By using “state-of-the-art acoustical sound imaging” by Sorama, Bosch managed to make their pushbelt CVT even more silent. This grants excellent comfort for drivers within CVT cars.

The article by Bosch Transmission Technology was published by ATZ online. It describes the process of noise optimization of a Pushbelt CVT with the use of Sorama Sound Imaging. From ATZ Online: “By further refinement of the design, Bosch achieved to make pushbelts even more silent, thereby granting excellent comfort for drivers within CVT cars. State-of-the-art acoustical [Sorama] sound imaging was one of the tools.”

One of the results was that the axially fixed discs from the secondary pully vibrated in a plate-wave mode. Since the bearings were in close contact with the transmission housing, the vibrations were easily transmitted to the surrounding structures and induced noise radiation. These results were obtained with a Sorama sound camera which was used to visualize the vibrations and carefully analyse the dynamic behavior of the system during tests. The picture shows the Sorama Scan A over the Bosch pushbelt CVT and [one of] the resulting sound image that was created. Especially from the videos in the Sorama Portal that visualise the dynamic behaviour, the full interaction and noise path analysis could be made.

Sorama assisted the noise expert team of Bosch Tilburg in a service project, while currently the team owns a Sorama Cam themselves and performs all their testing and analysis via the Sorama Portal autonomously.