New EU energy labels

Have you seen the new EU energy labels? It replaces the old energy label for products, such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines. Product noise level plays an important role. Noise is now measured by a 4-classes scale (ABCD), which means you can distinguish your product by improving your sound design.

As 79% of the buyers confirmed that the energy label influenced their decision on what product to buy, it will make a difference. You can even use the noise level of your product as a USP.

We can help you achieve this goal and score an A on your energy label. Therefor we developed the acoustic design cycle. It is an iterative cycle that relies on gaining insight into the problem and translating this to proper solutions, instead of the traditional trial-and-error method.

New EU energy labels -
New EU energy labels -

Sound design

The best way to improve the sound behavior of your product, is by working according to the acoustic design cycle. It is build up in 7 phases:

  1. Starting the Cycle
  2. Research & Analysis
  3. Specification & Modeling
  4. Design & Creation
  5. Testing & Validation
  6. Evaluation & Communication
  7. Product Launch

You can read more about the cycle here: