GLOW tour with Sorama

From the 6th until the 13th of November Eindhoven will be beautifully lit by the GLOW light art festival. Sorama will be part of that. We want you to join us in crossing the spectrum from sound to light with “Spectral Crossing”.

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Fan engagement with PSV

Sorama collaborates with PSV to engage the fans during the football matches, but also on the social media channels. In this blog we tell you more about the fan engagement and which role the L642 plays.

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The noise of a heat pump

The heat pump is a popular solution for the regulation of the temperature. Unfortunately, the heat pump is less pleasant for the ear. How can we solve this problem and prevent noise pollution in our living environment?

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Addressing noise problems in industries

In today’s blog, we focus on noise produced by industries and factories, because it does affects those who work around these places. Let’s talk about why many industries have noisy environments, what are the measures currently in place, and some possible ways of improving this.

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