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Producten zijn ontworpen om te voldoen aan een specifieke behoefte van de klanten. Maar een goed product gaat verder dan alleen bruikbaarheid en het voldoen aan die behoefte. Cooler Master maakt gebruik van geluidscamera's om de algehele gebruikerservaring van hun producten te verbeteren.

This approach allows Cooler Master to not only deliver better products, but also more silent products.

Cooler Master fans

"With the CAM64 we gather a lot of insights which allow us to create better and more silent products."

– Quote Matteo Costa, Product Specialist en R&D

Cooler Master

Validate expectations

“Before using an acoustic camera, everything we did was based on reaching specific goals of performance levels” explains Matteo Costa, Product Specialist and R&D at Cooler Master. “But once we started to look at how our consumers experience the product, which is ultimately always close to their ears, we noticed how important working on the sound profile of our product is.

De Sorama CAM64 comes in handy, because it allows us to have this comparation tool between before and after a specific test. It also allows us to validate our expectations. If something changes, because a product behaves in a different way than what we expect in a specific condition, then we go back to the drawing board and we analyze why.”

Cooler Master fans

Cooler Master X Sorama

We are really glad to see the way Cooler Master approaches acoustics in their products” says Willemijn Mattheij, Product Owner at Sorama. “It’s really good to see that they listen to their user base and that they really try to level the bar with each of their products. 

We see a lot of companies that have a ‘trial and error’ process which usually just results in unconscious competence. They basically just get lucky. That’s why we developed the Sorama acoustic design cycle, a method to steer your acoustic design process and actually become consciously competent. 

You will know where the sound is coming from, how it behaves and how you can actually solve the acoustic design issues.”

Willemijn Mattheij
Jin Jack Tan

Quieter and more powerful

Jin Jack Tan, Acoustic Research Engineer at Sorama: “We work together with Cooler Master, to help them build fans that are quieter and more powerful at the same time. We give them insights to improve their products. We give them information about where the bad sound and the bad vibrations come from. We can help by looking at all the peaks and figure out what they are and what we can do about it. 

With ‘Near Field’ we can just select a peak and then we can see what they are. Fans, or any object that vibrates, vibrate in all directions. It all happens on very small scales, less than millimeters. These vibrations eventually will resonate, and we end up hearing it. 

We should look into ways that can restrict these vibrations. Either with a stronger frame or tighter tolerances, to just make sure that the vibration peak does not become as strong.”

Empirical approach

“Ultimately,” Matteo Costa concludes “the Sorama CAM64 allows us to dig a bit deeper. When we get very specific feedback from our community or from a customer, we can easily recreate the situation and environment and the results and work in an empirical way to find a solution. 

We gathered a lot of insights and in the end the acoustic camera allowed us to create better products and more silent products. The Cooler Master Silencio line of cases or the new SickleFlow fans are a product of this development.

Cooler master silencio line

Ons product gebruikt in deze use case

Sorama CAM64 acoustic camera

Sorama CAM64 Acoustic camera

The easy-to-use Sorama CAM64 paired with the Sorama Portal provides visualized sound insights for sound design in product development, and help solve your sound issues fast and efficiently.

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