Lek Detectie

Leak detection is made more easy for building acoustics with the Sorama CAM iV64 sound camera. By visualizing a wide frequency range, air leaks on the facade are easy to detect.

Air and sound leak detection

The CAM iV64 is designed for users who want to have all the necessary acoustic information to detect, analyze and visualize leaks whether it is escaping air, gas or sound.

The Sorama CAM iV64 has 64 integrated MEMS microphones in an optimized sunflower pattern and a 7-inch touchscreen. This allows you to…

  • … find and visualize leaks anywhere
  • … get insights into the severity of the leak
  • … make on-premise recordings ready to be analyzed

The easy-to-interpret data delivers valuable insights of noise localization and sound level measurements, including a spectrum and a spectrogram.

Leak detection use cases examples

Leak Detection - leak detection -

Sound Proofing Offices

HVAC-units noise detection


Our product used for Leak Detection

Sorama CAM iV64 sound camera

CAM iV64 Acoustic Camera

The Sorama CAM iV64 Acoustic camera is perfect for in-field leak detection and measurements.

The handheld device is equipped with 64 MEMS microphones and an integrated HD video camera to provide a clear heatmap-like visualization of the detected sound.

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