Acoustic Design Cycle

Incorporating acoustics in your product design processes has a large impact on improving the acoustic specifications and user experience of your products.

Our tried and proven method, the Sorama Acoustic Design Cycle, enables user-centered and iterative product development.

Acoustic Design Cycle - Acoustic Design Cycle -

The Sorama Acoustic Design Cycle is an iterative cycle that relies on gaining insight into the problem and translating this to proper solutions, instead of the traditional trial-and-error method.

Having a holistic- and user-centered approach towards product development, where results are made through conscious competence instead of coincidence, will result in a shorter time to market and simultaneously increase customer satisfaction.

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Examples where we implemented the
Sorama Acoustic Design Cycle

Acoustic Design Cycle - Acoustic Design Cycle -

Noise Reduction

Acoustic Design Cycle - Acoustic Design Cycle -

Solving sound issues

Acoustic Design Cycle - Acoustic Design Cycle -

Sound Quality

Acoustic Design Cycle - Acoustic Design Cycle -

Sorama Portal

In combination with our acoustic cameras, the Sorama Portal enables you to do in-depth acoustic analysis without having to be an acoustic expert.

Our web-based platform allows you to compare and further investigate the measurements made with our acoustic cameras in high detail.

Our products used for Acoustic Design

Sorama CAM64 acoustic camera

Sorama CAM64

The Sorama CAM64 is the perfect sound camera to use with our Acoustic Design Cycle. With it's compact surface of 16x16 cm holding 64 microphones, it is an easy-to-use and portable device for sound design in product development.

Sorama CAM1K

With no less than 1024 microphones and an integrated HD video camera, the CAM1K is a powerfull acoustic measuring device. The surface of 64x64 cm makes the CAM1K perfect for measuring larger areas.

Sorama Cam1K
Acoustic Design Cycle - Acoustic Design Cycle -

Acoustic Consultancy

De Sorama L642V Acoustic Monitor is de basis voor de Loud Vehicle Detection-oplossing. Het is uitgerust met 64 MEMS microfoons en een geïntegreerde camera.

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