Sorama Marketplace released

Today we’re releasing the Sorama Marketplace. Our new platform for engineers to find a way to solve your problems related to sound and acoustics. Sorama’s main solution is aimed at providing insights in sound. Once you have this information you can start looking at possible improvements. Therefore, we want to support you in finding the right partner, who will help you with your acoustic design challenges. 

In order to test the viability of the concept – in other words; to find out if there’s an actual need for a solution like this – we are running a pilot with a beta version of the platform. The main goal for the upcoming 6 months is to gather as much insights and feedback from both visitors and participants of the Marketplace.  

Currently, eight of our partners are available through the marketplace, in alphabetical order: 

Sorama Marketplace released - Sorama marketplace -

In the future, we will expand marketplace with new partners and features to make finding your solution partner even more effortless. Our end goal is to provide a solution to every kind of sound or acoustic related problem.

Unfortunally the marketplace didn’t meet our expectations. So this is closed.