Sorama Portal July Release

  • The Sorama Portal will be updated on July 18th between 17:00 and 18:00 (UTC +2).

This release contains improvements for the Manage Workflow, Analysis Workflow and the Help Workflow.  

Manage Workflow: Cloud Storage Sizes

Next to measurement data of offline measurements, you can upload measurement data of cloud measurements. Share information across different computers, without the need to send measurement data. From now on, the cloud storage capacity is (more than) doubled.

  • Basic 2 GB – 180 seconds CAM64, 10 seconds CAM1K
  • Normal 5 GB –   450 seconds CAM64, 28 seconds CAM1K
  • Premium 15 GB  – 1300 seconds CAM64, 80 seconds CAM1K
  • Specialist 25 GB – 2200 seconds CAM64, 140 seconds CAM1K 

Analysis Workflow: Synchronized time indicator

Time, Spectrogram, and Far Field analysis are now synchronized using a time indicator. For non-stationary measurements, you can see what sound behavior corresponds with your video. 

Analysis Workflow: Sound pressure level for custom frequency ranges

The overall Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of a measurement is now shown in the legend below the spectrum. Additionally, you can select custom frequency range(s) and obtain corresponding summed SPL. Subtract shows the SPL of the inverse of your selection.

Help Workflow 

Next to the Help Topics which are found in the (?) in each module, this information is now also found in a structured, searchable database.


The credit system has been updated to match all the latest Portal features. 

Important Note

The changes require an updated version of the Sorama Acquisition Service. This means that you will have to update the acquisition service after July 18th in order to be able to use the Sorama Portal. If you need to use the Portal after this date, but you have not been able to update the acquisition service yet, please contact us for an intermediate solution.

The Sorama Portal will be offline on July 18th between 17:00 and 18:00 UTC+2. Please contact us if this time is inconvenient for you.

We hope you will enjoy the new improvements and appreciate your feedback!