TU/ecomotive & Sorama go USA

The partnership of Sorama with TU/ecomotive adds a new dimension to Zero Emission Mobility: the reduction of noise emissions. Millions of people experience pollution of noise from transportation, which is a serious threat to our well-being. Sustainability is not only about greenhouse gas emissions or sustainable production methods, but also about healthy and liveable surroundings. Therefore, we want to improve the so called ‘sound design’ of ZEM by utilizing the Sorama Acoustic Design Cycle.

Sorama will join TU/ecomotive on our tour to the USA. During this time, we will show them how to use the Sorama CAM iV64 themselves, in order to do measurements, so their engineers can reduce ZEM’s noise. By localizing unwanted noise and making ZEM sound better, we can inspire other car manufacturers to take care of reduction of noise emission of their cars too.

Additionally, we also want to make local governments aware of the effect of traffic noise. By monitoring traffic, they can discover the biggest sources of noise pollution and solve the issue. One of the most popular solutions for this, is the Sorama Noise Camera. The device can detect, identify and locate (too) loud vehicles, so the local governments can take targeted action.

Together with TU/ecomotive, we will work towards a world that sounds better and is more liveable, starting with our the ZEM.

TU/ecomotive & Sorama go USA -

About TU/ecomotive

TU/ecomotive is an official student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology with their focus on the future of sustainable mobility by implementing the most recent innovations into concept cars. This year, 35 students from both Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, worked on the car ZEM.

With every team, TU/ecomotive addresses a new problem within the world of sustainable mobility. This is what keeps them a flexible team and this renewal also ensures that they can keep their eyes on the newest materials and production techniques. The people within the team change every year, but their message stays the same; the future of sustainable mobility is now.