WAVES at Glow Next light festival

Light and sound are two types of waves. Like radio and the waves that make our cell phones communicate with each other. We are continuously surrounded by waves, but we never see them. Until now! Because here, at the cradle of radio and television, sound waves are being visualized. Sorama and the TU Eindhoven present the world premiere of WAVES

Whistle, clap, talk, sing or scream and see the waves you produce yourself. Experience how waves travel through space and bounce off the walls. Discover how different tones also produce different waves. WAVES is a world premiere. The project is based on the sound cameras and techniques of Sorama, a spin-off of the TU/e which is located at Strijp-S. The project was co-developed by Sorama and OPENLIGHT, the creative lab of the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the TU Eindhoven, with nine students of Industrial Design at the TU/e.