What our partners do with our ‘vaccine’​ against noise pollution


As much as everyone wants, no one can improve the world alone. You can still have such a great idea, you need others to make it work. For example, you discover a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. With the invention of this solution only, you will not solve the crises we are currently facing. You need financial resources, as well as carrying capacity and a distribution network. In this way we can protect the world against the deadly virus that concerns us now. Hopefully we will have a vaccine soon and we will eliminate COVID19, together!

My colleagues and I work every day to solve a different world problem that costs many human lives each year; noise pollution. Using COVID-19 as a metaphor; we have a vaccine – our Acoustic Design Cycle and Sound Cameras – now we need to have a large global network to combat noise pollution.


At Sorama we have built a Community. Here we bring all people together who want to make the world sound right. Experts and product engineers increase their knowledge to make products, machines and equipment sound better. My colleague Willemijn Mattheij wrote a blog about our Community.

End users do research, sound design, low-noise design and other mechanical or acoustical activities and are in possession of a Sorama Sound Camera. They are owner of the ‘sound issue’. These product engineers are in the middle of our approach. That is why they can make their own choice to turn to a Sorama Portal Partner or to Sorama directly. The reason being that we believe in freedom instead of forced exclusivity.

Sorama Partners know the challenges when it comes to sound design of product engineers when making prototypes/products. Partners provide more than just an extended reach of our products. They all have obtained a Sorama Partner Certification and they trust our knowledge and way of working.

Partners each have their own specialism with which they help out their customers. This is mapped on one or more phases of our Akoestische ontwerpcyclus.

Your Unique Selling Points

Do you meet one or more characteristics:

  • Are you (or do you want to become) a thought leader in sound and vibration?

  • You love to solve NVH issues of your customer through your own specialism

  • You help customers with modelling their sound design

  • You are an expert in selling test instruments and help your customers on a long-term

Our Unique Selling Points for our Partners….

  • You can rely on a leading, stable tool from a company with 10+ year expertise in sound visualization

  • Rise through the Sorama Certified Partner Program levels in your own pace and decide on the amount of rewards yourself

  • We offer an online- and offline training environment: the Sorama Academy. Learn from other acoustic engineers and partners who are part of the Sorama Community

  • Sorama helps partners with their sales activities by organizing sales workshops etc

  • Within our Community it is possible to meet your new prospects

  • We provide you one central place for all information for Partners. Realtime data about performances, rewards, tariffs and stock information.

… is based on our proven technology

Our products and services help engineers locate sound and understand its behavior, after which they can improve their designs. Of course Partners can rely on Sorama‘s hardware and software are service products for engineers. In combination with our CAM64 and CAM1K, the Sorama Portal localizes sound with Far Field and visualizes sound behaviour with our patented Near Field holography method.

I hope that you trust our ‘vaccine’ and that you will help to eliminate noise pollution! Let’s join forces. Nice to meet you. I am Susanne van Dijk, responsible for (potential) Sorama Portal Partners. Contact me for more information about how to become a Sorama partner.