Our Mission

It is our mission to make the world sound right. Whether it is silence or noise, our goal is to make it sound right for you. We contribute to a better sounding world by driving innovation to make sound insightful. The visualization of sound empowers people with actionable data to reduce unwanted noise efficiently and effectively.

By developing innovative acoustic devices, we enable people to influence environmental noise and at the same time reduce mental and physical health risks, caused by noise pollution. This is how we aim to improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

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Environmental noise

Noise pollution is the second most harmful environmental factor for humans after air pollution. Yet, not many people are aware of the health risks because sound is invisible. Our bodies however do respond to being overexposed to noise.

Ambiant noise from for instance traffic, public transportation or consumer goods enters our bodies unconsciously. It doesn’t hurt, but the stress builds up over time. This develops cardiovascular disease and even some forms of cancer. The health risks are becoming clearer but awareness is still low.

Sorama contributes to a quieter world by developing cutting-edge technology that makes sound visible.  Sound is made up of small waves, just like light. We measure sound waves with a sound camera, equipped with many little microphones. By colouring in those sound waves, we generate a heatmap like visualization of sound.

Our sound cameras litteraly show environmental specialists, product developers, researchers and engineers where the sound source is located and how the sound is behaving.

Noise mapping creates a visualization of sound that enables people to hyper target sound issues and thus reducing ambiant noise and creating a quieter world.

How does the world sound right for you? With about 8 billion people on the planet, there are about 8 billion perspectives on a perfect sounding environment. 

For somebody who is trying to sleep, the right sound would be no more than 30 dB. But when you are in a stadium or concert, the desired noise of cheering fans and music will most likely exceed 100 dB.

In our mission to make the world sound right, we enable product designers and engineers to apply sound design and develop quieter products. The other end of the spectrum is our sound visualizing solution for smart stadiums, where our technology is used to boost fan engagement. With our technology, we want to make the world sound right for you.

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Over time we have identified many environmental benefits when deploying our acoustic solutions. Using sound monitoring, our industrial customers have been able to detect gas leaks in very early stages and drastically reduce the loss of energy and other valuable resources. 

When companies perform industrial inspections based on sound, there is less need to send people into hazardous areas and otherwise dangerous work becomes safer. And by detecting anomalies in an early stage, a negative impact on the environment can be kept to a minimum. 

Additionally, the environment is less disrupted by human impact and becomes more liveable due to lowering noise pollution, and an increase of biodiversity is quickly noticeable. Wildlife such as bats, birds and marine life enjoy a larger and more natural habitat to thrive in. These wonderful benefits have help us visualize our mission for the future.

Democratization of noise reduction.

Every person, regardless of where you are in the world, should be able to live in an environment that sounds right for you. Being overexposed to noise pollution brings many health risks. This is why we aim to bring the best possible technology to market and make it sound insightful to help reduce environmental noise and improve mental and physical health. Interested in hearing more about our mission and solutions? Contact us personally.

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