Changes to the Sorama Portal model

We have listened to your feedback and identified some ways to simplify the Portal Model in order to make it more user-friendly. We hope you enjoy these new features!

 Streaming & Measurement will be free – from November 4th onwards you will be able to do free unlimited streaming and measurements with your acoustic camera without the need of a membership. The added value of a membership will be if you want to do extensive analysis, add new hardware or users to your account, or need a larger cloud storage buffer. 

2. Sorama Credits – our crediting system is now simplified and more intuitive to use. The credit and token packages of all our customers will be converted to a new value and merged into a single currency. Don’t worry if you see less credits in your account, the amount of analysis you can do with it remains unchanged.  

3. No more Sorama Tokens – you no longer need to purchase Sorama Tokens for the online/offline support of our acoustic consultants. You can buy consultancy hours at a fixed rate with your Sorama Credits.  

Your existing Credits and Tokens have been combined and converted into the new Creditvalue using the rate at which they were bought.