Product launch: Sorama CAM1K


In addition to the recently introduced Sorama CAM64 we are now introducing the CAM1K: See more sound & vibrations in less time. The CAM1K is the top-of-the-line product in the Sorama assortment of acoustic cameras for companies that want to reduce noise and vibrations of their products and improve sound design.

The Sorama CAM1K is launched 1 March 2016 for the European market. Order your CAM1K now at special – one-time – launch rates combining hardware, membership to the Sorama portal, pay-per-use credits for using the software and tokens for training and expert acoustic support. The one-time launch deals are only valid until 21 April 2016 with a limited number of 8 systems (first-come, first-serve). You can check out the limited time offerings and prices via the CAM1K launch website. 

The benefits of the CAM1K over the CAM64 -which excels in affordability and agility- are significant. The CAM1K has 16 times more MEMS microphones (1.024) and effective sensor area. This allows you to work a factor 30 quicker in near-field mode on surfaces equal or larger than 64×64 cm with frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 20kHz. For far-field applications the CAM1K is able to observe 4 times lower frequencies, starting at 50Hz upward. Furthermore, the CAM1K only requires one ethernet cable with a maximum length of 100 meters. Also, no separate data acquisition systems are required, since all electronics are integrated in the CAM1K frame.