Product launch: Sorama Stream Portal

Sorama launches a new product at the Hannover Messe 2017: The Sorama Stream Portal. It enables engineers to tackle noise and vibration issues and perform sound design at their own level. Start with a dB-meter and work your way up through spectrum analysis and beam-forming until you master the potential of acoustic holography. This new web-based platform enables parallel live streaming sound level meters, spectrum analyzers, waterfalls, far- and near-field sound imaging for all Sorama CAMs (CAM1K / CAM64). Also, it is now possible to use all streams and measurements while offline. 

The Stream Portal offers new and improved workflows, which were designed to be flexible yet intuitive. Initially, the Stream Portal offers two main features; live streaming and measurements, both of which can be used without an internet connection. Live streaming offers a number of already well known features such as beamforming (far-field), the hologram streamer (near-field), spectral analyses using instantaneous spectra, spectrographs and the all new sound level meter. All these features can be used simultaneously and can be arranged in an easy and flexible manner. Measurements can now be performed much more easily and can be repeated quickly, for time critical situations. In-depth analyses of the measurements are performed in the familiar Silverlight Portal. Throughout the year more features are moved to the Stream Portal. For a short demonstration please check this 30 second video or come visit us at the Hannover Messe 2017.