Acoustic camera

The CAM 1K is the largest of the Sorama acoustic cameras and a powerful sound measuring tool that provides engineers with visual acoustic information of their products.

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

The Sorama CAM1K is our largest acoustic camera with 1024 microphones and an integrated HD video camera. Paired with the Sorama Portal, this solution becomes your go-to platform for sound design.

Analyze your products performance and solve sound issues the fastest way possible. Our Sorama CAM1K is up to 30 times more powerful than other camera’s, including our own Sorama CAM64. 

It is ideal for larger measuring surfaces with it’s 1024 integrated microphones for finding low frequency sound sources with far field beamforming and near field acoustic holography.

Sorama CAM1K includes the following features

1024 Integrated microphones with 64x64 cm array size


Ideal for larger measuring areas


Integrated HD video camera


Far field beam forming: optimal conditions between 300 Hz – 15 kHz


Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -


Near field acoustic holography: frequency range 25 Hz – 23 kHz


Cutting-edge acoustic camera


Visualized sound insights

And can be used in the following solutions

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

Solve sound issues

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

Acoustic design cycle

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

Research & development

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

End-of-line inspection

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

Develop quieter products

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

Sorama Portal

Through the portal you can operate the Sorama acoustic cameras to stream, record and analyze sound. Our Sorama Portal is a world-wide community where Portal-users actively share knowledge and experience. Because believe it or not, you all have a lot in common.

Acoustic Design cycle

We have developed the Acoustic Design Cycle to improve sound behaviour in products. With the Design Cycle, you steer your product development process from start to product launch to prevent and solve sound issues in product design. With our 10+ years of experience in acoustic design, we want to help companies develop quieter products and reduce environmental noise.

Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera - CAM1K -

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