CAM iV64Ex

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The explosion proof Sorama CAM iV64Ex is a handheld acoustic camera for in-field measurements in hazardous zones (ATEX & IECEX*). Detect and capture leaks of flammable gases, vapors, liquids or combustable dust and perform scheduled repairments for a safe working environment.

*ATEX certification pending

Sorama CAM iV64Ex - CAM iV64Ex -
Certification pending
Sorama CAM iV64Ex - CAM iV64Ex -
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Certification pending

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex reduces the time an operator or service technician is exposed in hazardous environments.
Sorama offers storage on device and enables in depth analysis of the health status via the Sorama Portal.

The device is an acoustic inspection tool to monitor the performance and the trends of your industrial assets. In addition, the measurements and data output can be easily integrated in any customer ERP/MMS or in your operations or manufacturing support system, via API.

The CAM iV64Ex will deliver valuable real-time insights on source localization and sound level measurements, including a spectrum and a spectrogram. 

CAM iV64Ex product features

ATEX certification pending


Lightweight & well-balanced device


4 Hour (replaceable) battery life


Real-time sound visualization on 7-inch touch display


Sorama CAM iV64Ex - CAM iV64Ex -
Certification pending


Extremely fast GPU and CPU for instant processing power.


Far-field sound source localization and visualization


Easy-to-use navigation on device


Multiple data transfer and connectivity options (USB-C / Wi-Fi)

Sorama CAM iV64Ex can detect

Gas Leaks

Find gas leaks preemptively with pinpoint accuracy using our gas leak detection.

Certification pending

Partial Discharge

Visualize partial discharge at a safe distance, using our
acoustic camera.

Certification pending

Mechanical Inspection

Predict maintenance for your tools and equipment with
Mechanical Inspection.

Certification pending

User friendly device operations

Being a portable device, the CAM iV64Ex is equipped with a 7-inch touch display. Realtime measurements are displayed directly on the screen in an intuitive user interface.

The device is light weight and well- balanced for comfortable handling in challenging conditions. Your measurements are available on your device and can you export data wireless or via USB for true ease-of-use.

Sorama CAM iV64Ex - CAM iV64Ex -
Certification pending

Gas leak detection

Finding gas or air leaks can be challenging when your site is widespread, difficult to reach or when you are battling harsh weather conditions. The Sorama CAM iV64Ex is an easy-to-use tool for locating and visualizing leaks.

They can detect the full spectrum of air and gas, even hydrogen, through pumps, pips and valves. The leak detection solution on the Sorama CAM iV64 EX measures the sound intensity of the airborne sound and translates that data into a heatmap-like image that reveals the sound source, eg the leak.

The inspection data can be used to plan early maintenance and reduce unwanted emission.

Sorama gas leak detection
Certification pending

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