Acoustic Consultancy

Sound experts

Our acoustical experts are available on a consultancy basis. Using our own devices, we perform full sound analysis and generate immediate visualized data of the sound source and its behavior.

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Benefits of an Acoustic Consultant

Perfect for solving many sound issues


No need to invest in equipment


Using Class-1 performing instruments


Full sound imaging analysis


Air and sound leak detection


Sound measurement with easy-to-interpret visualization of the sound sourc


Full report & management presentation


Problem solving solution

Our acoustic consultants are well-experienced and have profound knowledge of acoustical and mechanical engineering, as well as being highly skilled with the use of our sound cameras.

Using our Sorama sound cameras a thorough sound imaging analysis is performed, resulting in a live image with a visual sound-overlay of your product.

Combining these skills allows us to find sources of noise and resonance faster than when using traditional sound measuring methods.

After finalizing the analysis we provide you with a full report of our findings, as well as advice towards possible solutions.

Acoustic consultancy use cases

Sorama CAM iV64 sound camera

Sound proofing consultant

Acoustic Consultancy - Acoustic consultancy -

Noise consultant

Acoustic Consultancy - Acoustic consultancy -

Product development

Customer reference


Bicycle manufacturer Giant was looking to reduce noise from their e-bikes. Using the Sorama CAM 1K the 1024 microphones visualized the noise and its behavior.

After only 2 design modifications of applying damping, the resonance was reduced significantly.

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