The Sorama L642 Series makes acoustic monitoring more insightful than ever before. This unique sensor platform is developed for smart city, stadium and environmental monitoring solutions.

Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor - L642 acoustic monitor -

The Sorama L642 consists of the Listener Software platform and the Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor.

This solution delivers all capabilities of a traditional sound level meter, with many added values to make acoustic measurements insightful.

The Sorama L642 series takes acoustic monitoring to a whole new level. Offering Class-1 performing fixed environmental sound measurement and more to visualize sound.

By using microphone array technology instead of a single microphone sound level meter, the Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor adds relevant information to your measurements such as directionality, localization and even sound classification.

This innovative way of monitoring sound pressure levels (SPL) in your city becomes much more insightful and provides actionable data against noise pollution.

Sorama L642 acoustic monitor product features

All-in-one acoustic monitoring


Class-1 performing environmental noise monitoring


Sound intensity mapping


Acoustic anomaly detection like aggression and gunshots


Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor - L642 acoustic monitor -


Vehicle classification and tracking


City Safety classifiers


Visual light camera integrated in the Sorama L642v and v+ (not for Smart City applications)

Acoustic monitoring against noise pollution

Noise pollution is nearly as damaging as air pollution and affects a third of the European population. In 2018 the World Health Organization stated 1.6 million lives are lost in Europe alone due to the effects of noise pollution.

Overexposure to excessive noise causes high blood pressure, depression, hypertension and even death caused by cardiovascular disease. Making noise pollution a serious and underestimated global health risk.


With growing urbanization, these numbers must be reduced by turning down noise pollution.  Environmental monitoring with the Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor series provides actionable insights in large areas.

Rather than making snapshot measurements, using a traditional sound level meter, monitoring provides a much better insight into daily living and working conditions.

And can be used in the following solutions

User-friendly listener platform dashboard

Our user-friendly Listener Platform Dashboard provides insightful data from your measurements.

The interface allows for quick and easy installation and configuration of the Sorama L642 system. Once set up, it shows insights into sound pressure levels and displays sound events triggered by custom configurable settings.

Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor - L642 acoustic monitor -
Privacy by Design

Privacy by design

Onboard processing in the Sorama L642 sensor makes sure that only relevant audio data and events are transmitted over the network without the need for additional Server Hardware. This makes it a very efficient and easily scalable solution that is also GDPR-proof and fitting of the label Privacy by Design.

Sorama L642 acoustic monitors

Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor - L642 acoustic monitor -

Sorama L642

Sorama L642+

Sorama L642V

Sorama L642V+

64 MEMS microphones
Sunflower array
Integrated camera
Edge computing
Edge computing plus
API framework
dB values

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