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The L642Ex is designed to detect even de smallest unwanted (partial) discharge in hazardous environments, like Zones 1 and 2*. The unique sensor platform can be used for permanent condition monitoring and mount & move oplossingen (integrated on robots), which helps keep people safe. Get warnings including localization of problem areas when safety or uptime could be at risk.

*ATEX certification pending

Sorama L642Ex - L642Ex -
Certification pending
Certification pending

Soramas innovative way of monitoring sound pressure levels (SPL) at industrial sites helps technical service teams  to visualize where leaks and anomalies are located. Making it a safe, effective and cost-efficient way for maintenance teams in hazardous zones to detect and resolve issues before they become an environmental threat.

The Sorama L642Ex has powerful AI onboard computing which enables trend monitoring with acoustics and getting relevant and accurate alarms and trigger when asset health is at risk.

The measurements and data output, like soundmaps and AI classification events, can be easily integrated in any customer ERP/MMS via API.

In addition, Sorama Portal offers storage and analytics for making and monitoring in depth analysis of the health status of industrial sites.

The L642Ex Acoustic Monitor features

Ex marking: Zones 1 and 2




Sound intensity mapping


Acoustic anomaly detection like partial discharge and gas leaks


Sorama L642Ex - L642Ex -
Certification pending


Integrated HD camera


Data integration via API


Sorama Portal for in-depth analysis


Explosion-protected casing

And can be used in the following solutions

Sorama ga leak detection for ATEX

Gas Leak Detection

Certification pending
Sorama mechanical anomaly detection for planned maintenance

Mechanical Inspection

Certification pending
Partial discharge monitoring for energy & utilities

Partial Discharge Detection​

Certification pending

By implementing continuous environmental monitoring to detect changes in conditions that may lead to the formation of an explosive atmosphere, maintenance teams can contribute to a safe and compliant working environment.

Relationships with regulatory authorities can grow stronger with transparency about unwanted emission and investing in innovations to continuously improve performance, safety and reduce emission.

By embracing a data-driven and preventative maintenance plan, companies reduce the risk of equipment failure or malfunction that leads to the development of an explosive atmosphere.

By performing routine acoustic inspections,maintenance managers contribute to a safe and compliant working environment that meets the sites KPI’s for environment, safety and availability.

Furthermore, the documentation and reporting is made easy, thanks to the data integration with Maintenance Management Systems.

Data integration via API

By integrating your Sorama devices with your Maintenance Management System,you gain valuable insights of your sites health status.

Data and analytics of your fixed monitoring or autonomous inspections (robotics) are send to your maintenance system where you receive an automated warning/trigger. Creating a work order is made easy to perform the nessacary repairs to prevent serious malfunctions.

Sorama L642Ex - L642Ex -
Privacy by Design

Privacy By Design

Onboard processing in the Sorama L642Ex sensor makes sure that only relevant audio data and events are transmitted over the network without the need for additional Server Hardware. This makes it a very efficient and easily scalable solution that is also GDPR-proof and fitting of the label Privacy by Design.

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